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DOTS - Week of May 27th-June 2nd

A few very cool spots from me this week, oddly enough with most being within minutes of each other!

First - on Thursday last week, I saw these two bad boys while driving home on Highway 103:


A new Acura NSX and a Maserati GranTurismo! The GranTurismo sounded glorious...I know it’s long in the tooth these days, but I still think I’d take the Maser if given the choice between the two...even if it is the worse car...

Fast-forward to today....you Europeans continue to invade Mahone Bay! Saw all three of these cool Euro RVs within 30 seconds of each other!

First was a Euro-spec Merc Sprinter RV on German plates just across from the first of Mahone Bay’s well-known Three Churches:

Well...actually, technically the Sprinter was second because I had to drive past THIS to get to it:


A cool older Mitsubishi van RV on what I think were Swiss plates! I’ve never heard of this particular model of Mitsu van in my life, so this was a cool spot! I actually saw it first, then saw the Merc, pulled in and turned near the Merc and came back to get this thing in shot. I called out the window and told the fellow he had a cool van and he gave me the thumbs up. :) Can anybody give me an ID on what this Mitsu would be...? At least I am pretty sure that was the Mitubishi badge hiding behind that front guard....


After I turned back around again to continue on my way, I went another 20 seconds down the road in front of the third of the Three Churches and saw this! A very new FIAT Ducato-based Hymer Exsis-t RV on French plates! Very cool! :D


This was about 5 minutes down the road as well - rougher but pretty Karmann-Ghia! :D


...followed by the same JDM import Toyota Hilux Surf I’ve posted before, though now with aftermarket LED driving lights installed:


Not a bad week! :D

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