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take a look at the lights, everything is red. My attention was brought to this genius by the chorus of horns down below. The person in white wanted to take a left, but was in the center lane. Traffic moving in that direction gets a green arrow which eventually turns red as the regular light turns green. Instead of going straight and doubling back, they just sat there blocking the lane. People were pissed. after the full red, they tried backing up but kept the wheel turned in the same direction so they basically went forward and back a few times in the same path.


Also this morning, in the miserable commute of stop and go traffic one guy made it just slightly more enjoyable. He was in a Volvo SUV and wanted to beat everyone else. Left lane center lane right lane center lane left lane center lane and on and on. At one point the left lane started flowing faster so he got over and it quickly came to a dead stop. As i passed him (at 5 mph) I looked over and he was furiously beating the steering wheel and screaming. It almost made the traffic enjoyable just to see his imploding.


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