Dots + why 90's cars are hella rad

But first the mountains this morning. choice.


Have a really bad 2 shot of a really pretty International R series.

Now for the 90's. People got nostalgia fever for the 90's today but I’m generally not one of them, that being said there are a couple of things about 90's cars that are excellent. For example, My car has a full suite of Electronics, simple though they be, which makes diagnosing and operation much much better than earlier cars. But it also has some holdouts to a non-electronic age, like a latching persistent switch for the rear window defroster. once you switch it on...its on until you turn it off. I know that can be bad but I hate having a rear window defroster decide its done on a cold snowy day. Mine wont.

I also like that when I turn on the high beams, the low beams don’t turn off, I just get both high and low.

Things I don’t like? 20 year old rubber gaskets and seals around the cab. Sigh.


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