DOTS: WV edition

The warehouse I work at is about 200 feet from interstate 81 in WV. I park in the closest space to the highway. As I pulled into my spot yesterday afternoon a fullsize Chevrolet pulling a trailer drove past on the highway. On the trailer... A Lamborghini Gallardo with the rear bumper missing. As it went past I saw why. Beautiful chrome pipes with turbos. I myself wouldn’t turbo a Lambo, but I can’t hate on people that do, as long as they leave the rear bumper off so I can see those pipes and turbos. I didn’t get a pic. I doubt my phone could have gotten a decent pic anyway. It was yellow and looked like this

I don’t get to see Italian cars like this in the land of fullsize trucks and narrow roads. Car culture in West Virginia is “big truck or Harley”. No exceptions.


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