Gentlemen, I present the Ford Verona-BMW conversion kit, by Souza Ramos. When imports were banned in Brazil during the 80's and early 90's, the only way to get a different car was be getting an aftermarket kit or conversion. In this case, Souza Ramos, one of the biggest companies for conversion kits, released this kit to convert the Ford Verona to a sort-of BMW.Even though the imports were forbidden, they took the care to introduce a triple-kidney grille to avoid any possible copyright claims.

For comparison, this is a stock Ford Verona


The Ford Verona was developed when Ford and VW formed a joint-venture called Autolatina in Brazil. They developed some cars together, namely the Ford Verona and VW Apollo, Ford Escort Hatch and VW Pointer, Ford Versailles and VW Santana Mk.II.

This is a VW Apollo, for comparison. Looks much better, IMO


And this was the sweet Ford Versailles