It's apparently Miata Monday at work today where an NC parked next to my NA.

This was a productive weekend in that I washed (first time in 4 months) and clay-barred the car (first time since I bought it last year). I wanted to cleaner wax, polish, and seal it but I ran out of daylight. Only got to clean wax the hood and headlight doors. It looks a lot better now though and the steelies are almost white again. I also got the driver's side mirror glued back together after rebuilding the joint in it (passenger side snapped off then the driver's side snapped when I was trying to disassemble and rebuild it). The half round part that goes inside of the joint for the passenger side is with my brother in law for now. It cracked on removal, but I've epoxied it back together and for the sake of longevity he's going to try to 3D print me a new one in a couple of months. I'm at least street legal now and not using rubber bands to hold in the mirror like I did last weekend to attend a car meet. Next up I'm hoping to get the AC looked at because it's just too hot even with the top down right now, for non-functional AC.