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Doubling down

Because of reasons.

The context is that I've had mine for nearly a couple years now, and my friend has enjoyed it when he drove it, and found it's attributes to be copacetic to his needs.

Lucky stars, Last night during my dealership drive I spotted this one, and relayed some photos to him. He rather immediately fell in love with it.


The entire lot was beige, except for one orange jewel. Literally every other car was white, beige, or grey. And my friend, a four year arts major, is not very beige at all. A circus performer, an artist of some ability, and definitely left brained.


Turned out to be a Rallye, 1.4t, with some options and not others. Actually a strange hodgepodge. Roof, Uconnect 8.4, manual seats (Goddamn comfortable manual seats), backup camera without sensors, command start but no auto wipers or heated seats. No question it was an early a la carte model that someone put together in a specific sort of way.

Today we went down and ran the dealership gauntlet. "No we don't want to talk payment" "No, 84 months is stupid" "Let's work on real numbers like total cost of borrowing" "Yes you hate me for quarterbacking this, Mr. Sales manager, but I don't care about your view of me."


And at the end of it, a purchase was made which my friend approved of that gave him a good deal. 36 month term, which should when aided by extra payments here and there keep in lockstep with depreciation or nearly so.

Of the Dart in general:

There will always be detractors out there who discuss the Dart in unfavourable and prejudicial terms. And some of those points made will be valid ones on the surface of things. Digging deeper? Questionable.


It falls short in some areas versus the more staid competitors in the class, but great exceeds them in many areas. It has... actual emotion. In a fashion that I have not seen in a Civic, Elantra, Forte, and in some fashion even the Focus in any guise.

The Dart is in truth the first wave of the genesis of domestic automaking in a fashion that says someone put in some damn effort instead of resting on their laurels. And I respect that so heavily that it hurts. And mine made me vote with my money to support that renaissance. Because I think it's important to do that. Take a leap of faith on someone's honest effort.


When I bought mine, I was told I was nuts, but in the intervening years, it's been nothing but a joy. It has personality in spades. It sounds miraculously good thanks to the shared Fiat DNA pulsing away under the bonnet (Like a supermodel farting in a bathtub, according to some). And properly stroked, has enough enjoyable and useable power to zig and zag as one pleases.

This household now has two Darts out front. Rock on FCA, you've done well I say.


And now, I'm going back to lurking again. Until next time, Oppo. I hope your SJW infestation is in a lull.

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