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All in all, a pretty good review from Mr. DeMuro. And his Doug Score isn’t far off from the rating I gave the car three years ago (keeping in mind that mine’s a V8). But I was bound to nitpick, and I will.


Massaging seats (4:50): Yes, they’re there. But they are terrible. I don’t know if they got a little more oomph in the W12, but in my V8, they feel like an old woman poking you in the back. Other Phaeton owners I’ve talked to (yes, a few of us do exist) share the same opinion.

Navigation system (7:20): Yes, it was unique to the Phaeton. And it is terrible. No, there are no locations of five-star restaurants and banks. In fact, the map doesn’t even display street names. And the entire system is dial-operated, which is a frustrating nightmare.


Parking sensors (15:48): Worth mentioning that this feature was limited to the W12 in 2004. My V8 doesn’t have it. I wish it did.

Visor mirrors (16:22): Yep, it’s cool that there’s a magnifying mirror in each visor, but Doug should have explained why. The thought was that women could use them to touch up their makeup. Neat, huh? Though they really shouldn’t do it while driving.


Power trunk/hidden trunk button (17:22): Again, worth mentioning that these were limited to the W12 in 2004. My V8 doesn’t have either.

Double-paned windshield (19:40): It’s true that EZ-Pass can’t transmit through the W12's windshield, but it has nothing to do with the thickness of the glass. It’s because of a thin foil sandwiched between the double panes, which distorts the signal. This was limited to the W12, and I can use EZ-Pass in the V8 just fine.


Foot rests: No mention of the cool foot rests in the back seat? Come on, Doug. They’re removable and lit by tiny lights so you can see where to put your feet in the dark. Mr. Regular called them out in his review of mine. Though it’s possible that they were missing from the car Doug reviewed.

But like I said, I’m just nitpicking. All in all, that was a really thorough and entertaining review from Doug, and I quite enjoyed it.

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