No Doug, people are not nuts if they don’t buy the Ridgeline. Ever think that they will buy a full size truck over the Honda simply because they like the way the full size one looks? Or maybe it drives better than the Honda? No one needs a Focus ST, but they are way more fun to drive than a base model Focus.

Why do people feel the need to shame a person who owns a truck that does not use it on a daily basis for hauling or towing? I have a Ram 1500 as my daily driver, but since I work in an office people on here think I bought the wrong vehicle. Not every truck is a work truck.

This is how my truck (one on the left) spends majority of the weekends when it is warm out. Can’t do that configuration with a Ridgeline, the bed is too short.

The other weekends are spent doing this, towing around our 6000 pound (when loaded up) travel trailer to go on camping trips. Can’t do that with a Ridgeline either


Not exactly a light trailer when you have this inside of it either.


My point is, just because you see someone driving a truck without something in the bed or without a trailer, does not mean they don’t need it.

If a person wants to buy a Chevy 3500 dually and only tow a single place jet ski trailer once a year, let them

If a person wants to buy a Porsche GT3 RS and never take it to a track, let them

If you have the means to buy want you want over what you need, do so, because for people like me cars and trucks are an enjoyment of life.