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Doug, This is for you

Well Doug as a previous owner of a few different R32's I was looking for something else and found this.

You might need these more than you think. Especially if your Skyline has some funky JDM minitape player.


That'll prove to be immensely helpful. I did the translation myself with help from a Japanese co-worker.

This is for your radio, if you do need to install a new one.

I was a member on Skyline Owners USA before their big take down. Apparently it's still up.


RB26 interchangeable parts with US cars

Interchangeable Parts List for RB26DETT (R32 and R33 Only):

1984-1989 Nissan 300zx Turbo:

Timing Belt Tensioner

84-89 300zx (Z31) Turbo is the same as the RB26DETT Tensioner.

Timing Belt Tensioner Spring

84-89 300zx (Z31) Turbo is the same part as the RB26DETT part.

Exhaust Manifold Nut

84-89 300zx Exhaust manifold nut is the same. RB26 part number is 14039-W1500.

Exhaust Manifold Stud

84-89 300zx Exhaust manifold stud is the same. RB26 part number is 14065-V5004.

Exhaust Manifold Stud Washer

84-89 300zx Washer is the same. RB26 part number is 14037-V5005.

1984-1989 Nissan 300zx NON Turbo:

PCV Valve

84-89 300zx NON TURBO PCV Valve. (really any 1980's VG30E non turbo... stanza, maxima, hardbody, pathfinder, M30, 300zx, etc..etc..)


1990-1996 Nissan 300zx:


90-96 300zx (Z32) (Turbo and Non Turbo) Thermostat is the same part as the RB26DETT thermostat.


Oil Filter

15208-60U00 is the OEM Nissan filter (VG30DETT) from the 90-96 Nissan 300zx, but it is no longer produced by Nissan. The replacement is the 55Y oil filter from Nissan (also for the 90-96 Nissan 300zx).


Fuel Filter

90-96 300zx Fuel Filter.

Camshaft Seals:

90-96 300zx Cam Seals (2 required) are the same. 13042-16V00 is the part number for the RB26.


Crankshaft front main seal

90-96 300zx Front main seal (oil pump seal) is the same. 13042-16V00 is the part number for the RB26.


Idle Air Control Valve Gasket

90-96 300zx is the same part. 23785-40F00 is the part number for the RB26.

Valve Cover Rubber Washers

90-96 300zx is the same part. 13268-58S01/A is the part number for the RB26. 20 needed.


Oil Pressure Sending Unit

90-96 300zx Oil pressure sending unit is the same (it's a good thing too, because they are TRASH and frequently fail)


Fuel Temperature Sensor

90-96 300zx Fuel Temperature Sensor is the same. This is the piece on the fuel rail. Usually ~$20.


1993-1998 Nissan 240sx (KA24DE):

Rear Main Seal

1991-1998 240sx (S13 and S14 KA24DE) will work. 12279-5L310 is the part number for the RB26.


1990-1993 Nissan Sentra (SR20DE) and Infiniti G20 (all):

Oil Filter

Also acceptable is Nissan part # 15208-53J0A oil filter, which is the OEM filter for the 90-93 Nissan Sentra SE-R with the SR20DE engine, as well as the 1990+ Infiniti G20 with the SR20DE engine. On the side of this oil filter box it states this filter fits the R34 RB26DETT engine, as well as the RB25DET and RB20DE.


The OEM filter for the RB26 engine is AY100-NS007. It is a "PITWORK" black and yellow filter. (OEM Nissan)


Spark Plugs

PFR6A-11 Stock RB26DETT Plugs <—about $15 ea

PFR7A-11 One Heat Range Colder (hard to find)

PFR8A-11 Two Heat Ranges Colder (VERY hard to find)

NGK BKR7-E NGK Cheap Copper Plugs. Change every oil change if you use these.

OEM RB26DETT Part numbers:

13070-42L00 Timing Belt Tensioner

13074-58S00 Timing Belt Idler Pulley Assembly

15208-53J0A Oil Filter (equivalent replacement)

AY440-NS014 Timing Belt (Pitwork/OEM Nissan)

13072-58S10 Timing Belt Tensioner Spring

XXXXX-XXXXX Water Pump (Varies)

13287-AA301 R34 Red Coil Pack Cover "Rocker Ornament"

12279-2B500 R32 RB26DETT Rear Main Seal

11110-08U00 RB25DET Oil Pan

13073-V5001 Timing Belt Tensioner STUD

22630-44B20 Coolant Temperature Sensor

23731-02U11 Crank Angle Sensor

13510-19V00 Front Main Seal (Oil Pump Seal)

13042-16V00 Z32/RB26 Crankshaft Seal & Camshaft Seal (3 needed)

21010-24U27 N1 Water Pump

15010-24U01 N1 Oil Pump

13074-58S00 Timing Belt Idler Pulley STUD

1810-05U00 PCV Valve

11058-01B02 Idler Pulley Washer

23785-40F00 IACV Gasket

14035-05U10 Intake Manifold Gasket

13270-58S11 Valve Cover Gasket (Intake Side)

13270-58S01 Valve Cover Gasket (Exhaust Side)

13268-58S01/A Rubber Washers for Valve Covers. (20 required)

23781-05U11 IACV (Idle Air Control Valve)

16175-05U70 Throttle Body Gasket (6 required)

11121-42L00 RB25DET Oil Pan Gasket

14036-05U00 Exhaust Manifold Gasket (2 required)

15239-71L00 Oil Filter Tree Gasket

15066-71L00 Oil Pump Gasket (all RB engines)

24079-05U00 Coil Pack Harness (R32)


There's my 92 GTS-T. It's the only one that lasted the longest. Ironic, it started as a 200 dollar purchase to take to the track, it was the only one to survive.

Enjoy your purchase, treat it right and it will be nice.

If your car is HICAS equipped, rear axle based steering. Changes rear tires camber to rotate around turns, use a HICAS lock bar. Get a U shaped line and feed it back into the pump.


HICAS is for the track racers, it supposedly helps them. For the average person, just something that leaks P/S fluid everywhere.

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