A fellow drove in yesterday with a custom made powerboat and I thought all you fine people would like to have a look at that:


Didn't get a chance to ask him very much about it, but it looked like a pretty good time!

Also had a fellow come in with a Mini Cooper S loaded to the brim (And then some) with 2 dogs, a girlfriend and a bunch of luggage. Of all the road trips that I've personally seen, this was probably the most ambitious. He was heading from a small town around Peterborough on the shore of Hamilton Bay to a small community in Quebec called Chisasibi (plug Hamilton Bay and Chisasibi into Google Maps and you'll see the route, minus a detour.) in the middle of basically nowhere. 1,569 Km or 967 Miles.

Back country roadtripping in a Mini Cooper S? That's pretty Jalop.