Down at the Station - Widdle Teeny Truck Edition

Going to get this in before whatever is happening with images goes down, hopefully they'll find a solution to deal with those awful fuckers quickly!

Anyhow! Two little nuggets of interest today, a spiffy Audi and a gorgeous kei truck!


This little orange Subaru Sambar was sitting across the road from the station and I had been ogling it all night. After my shift, I went over and got a few pictures and asked the proprietor about it. It's apparently on sale for $7,000, which is a lot steeper than I would consider, (About $3,000 more than I'm comfortable with) but as you can see this thing looks great. I'll keep my eye on it, but the want grows.


And earlier in the evening this gorgeous Audi A4 Allroad came in and having never seen one in the wild I was quite smitten by it. Looks a lot better in person than in the promotional material.

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