Today we had an older bearded man bring in an immaculate low Milage LT-1 roadmaster wagon for an oil change, he was one of those people who bring their own expensive Mobil 1 filter and synthetic oil. I was the bottom side tech so I got to talking to him about the car and his mood really Britghened up so he came back in an hour with his low mileage mile manual, v8, e34 5 series basically right out of BAT. This was a real treat with period correct 3 peice wheels, LOW on bilstien shocks and springs, a nice strut bar, header back exhaust and a tow hook out back. He came in asking who owned the w123 outside (me again)Ā because he didnā€™t trust just anyone with the multi piece canister filter. Heā€™s a true Jalop! (No SR-20 because no phones on the floor)