It will take a while to figure out fitment and get them working with harnesses, but these S2000 seats will be a MUCH better fit for my build than the one piece Brides. Oh, and they’re flawless. 10k miles in car, leather conditioner was applied often. Little creases from storage will be taken care of.

Dragged a buddy along to pick them up because I was worried this was a scam and I was about to get murdered. So we drove the hour into Kent (weapons in pocket) and when we arrived the nicest kid and his mom were standing outside with the seats in front. Oh.... Okay. I didn’t bother haggling because I was happy to not be fending off knives or something (and again, insanely great deal) so we shook, exchanged items and my friend and I headed back.

Kid we bought these from put buckets in his S2k immediately after buying one brand new, hence the perfect condition. He also had not one, but TWO E90 M3's. How? I don’t know. Moving on...

I promised my friend a drink so we went to a local place, Palmers east. Again, Seattle locals, go to Palmers. It’s incredible. Heart of downtown Redmond yet somehow dirt cheap, with great food and an atmosphere that’s half dive bar half hipster joint. It just works. I spent $17 for fish and chips and two beers. That would have been like $1,000,000 at the Juanita Ivar’s and tasted like vomit, too.


The best part was THE MUSIC. walked in and DETHKLOK was playing. Then Hendrix. Then John Mayer. Then Slayer. Then Primus. Then Kanye. Then Zeppelin. Then Jamaroquai (or however it’s spelled). It was fantastic.

The not so great part - we played three games of pool with stakes. I won one game and lost two. Because of this I have to start the next night out with two tequila shots (I hate tequila) and.... Eat a ghost pepper. Spiciest food I have regularly is ketchup so... We’ll see how that goes. My one win means my friend pays for a drink of my choice next time. So that’s something.


Also spotted this in Kent. Noice