Repost for the day crowd: Down in the Archives, Chevrolet Deluxe edition

I’ve been working on a side project at work inventorying a whole bunch of map cases in the department. These particular flat cases are a... disaster, in the sense that we don’t have a great idea of what’s really in them and exactly where it is. They’re this bunch of stuff (say 650ish folders with at least ten times that number of individual items) that have been under various organizational schemes at different times, and then eventually became something of a mess that we’ve ignored for probably the last 15-20 years as a department. For right now, I’m just doing a folder-level inventory to preserve my sanity. They hold a variety of maps, plat maps, engineering drawings for all manner of things, building plans for the entire university over the entirety of its existence and all kinds of oversize ephemera related to certain regional history manuscript and university archives collections.


They also hold a large format, surprisingly detailed promotional flip chart for the 1939 Chevrolet Deluxe model range. To say the least, this is out of scope for us and the university building plan collection it was found with. It also lacked any kind of accession record, or any other contextual information for why we have it. If I had to guess, a Chevrolet sales guy was probably looking to score some fleet sales and was pitching the university on some new cars back in the day, and this ended up in a drawer with a bunch of other university records in someone’s office and later made the move over to us along with the old building plans.

I snapped some quick potato pictures of a maybe 1/3 of the pages. Enjoy.


Somewhat sadly, we’ll almost certainly weed this from the collection. I’m sure GM’s archive has a copy or two, along with a some other places. That said, and because this thing is so damned cool, instead of weeding it to the recycle bin I suspect I’m going to weed this to my office wall. I may even setup an easel in the corner of my office so I can easily flip it to a new page when it comes time to look at something different.

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