Its been an interesting week here.

Some sheep met a porcupine.


Now number 1616 knows that porcupines don’t want to be friends, and that the only thing worse than getting spiked in the first place is having the shepherds catch you, then sit you on your butt and yank the porcupine quills out one by one.

And I just got done bathing our little crazy cat Jasper, because he apparently decided to sniff a skunk right in the butt.


Hopefully the face full of skunk spray (he got it in his eyes and was in a world of suck) plus the four-step multi-bath in vinegar, vanilla extract, and peppermint soap plus a solid rinse and dry will convince him that skunks don’t like to play cat games. Surprisingly we are only modestly full of cat-attributable holes. Jasper is a good boy, and only tried to escape the water (like any sane cat) instead of actively trying to kill us.

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