Down On The Interstate

Last weekend I returned from a lovely week’s vacation at a lake house in Northern California, by spending most of the day Saturday on the road with one dog that smelled like lake water and one that smelled more and more like skunk the farther we drove. But I made the drive home to Seattle in just under 12 hours despite delays due to road construction south of the airport, and wanted to post a couple interesting things I spotted along the way.

This McClaren (with British Columbia plates) passed me on the lovely stretch of I-5 near Lake Shasta. Sorry about the splattered insect on my windshield.


I saw several of these trucks in southern Oregon carrying tires so big they qualify as an oversize load...which made me wonder whether tires this big are sold with the types of measurements we’re used to. What would these be on the usual (e.g. 255/35 R18) scale?

Finally, and this was actually Monday morning, but fits the theme of Interesting Things RPM Spotted On The Interstate This Week: cool old truck. I’m guessing it was coming from being painted, not just because the paint was spotlessly fresh but also due to the missing headlights and glass.

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