Here in the City That Flat Land Forgot, aka Swansea, there are a few interesting cars running around and hauling themselves up the hill, and one that seems to live right near my house is this 1990 Peugeot 205 (you can work out the year of registration from the letter), which is clearly adored by its owner as it is utterly pristine. It's not a GTi, but if anything that makes its condition more interesting. It's also great to see the similarity in size to the 106, which is a size down but a generation newer, and is surely within an inch of the '80s/90s classic that put Peugeot on the map.

The sticker on the side denotes this to be an XS version, which featured a 1360cc "TU3S" four-pot making 85bhp, which is more than it sounds in a car whose weight would keep a Lotus Elise honest. In fact it was almost as potent as a 1.6 GTi, but didn't benefit from wider tyres or sporty suspension, so according to some the trademark lift-off oversteer could stray towards old 911 levels if you went fast without a clue. Happily however, this car has suffered no such fate, and never fails to catch my eye when it's parked on my hill, thanks to its rustless white paint and matching pepperpot alloy wheels from a GTi. Those who have claimed ownership of an XS online say that they couldn't afford to insure the famous hot hatch, but were pleasantly surprised with this best-of-the-rest version ("the rest" not including the 911 GT3-esque Rallye version). They can be had for peanuts these days and don't subscribe to the slightly more recent trend of terrible Peugeot unreliability... that much. Well, what is there to go wrong?

The car's owner seems to be a bit of a 205 fanatic, as the car not only has GTi wheels, but a Rallye steering wheel with the Peugeot Talbot Sport logo in the middle (not to mention carbon fibre air intakes where the foglights used to be, or perhaps never were). The interior is also mint. Whether it's been reconditioned (probably) or just preserved and maintained I don't know, but man.


OK this picture doesn't really do it justice, but still. It may seem small, very small, but at the end of the day it was enough to seat five humans and carry their things, assuming "their things" aren't five drumkits or an actual biped lion casting spells to match the unnatural Peugeot badge.

Seeing as this feature is occasionally appearing in NuOppo, I'll keep an eye out for other interesting cars I can take pictures of without being exposed as a Car Pervert.