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Down on the Street - Salvage Edition

Over the weekend, I swung into a salvage yard near one of my jobs. I knew they were closed, but I wanted to get their phone number so I could call today. They had no phone number posted at all (strange, I know), but they had this parked out front.


I know some of you like these weird German cars, so I took some pictures - careful not to fall on the last of the Wisconsin winter ice.

Once I got around to the back, the car told me that it was a 924. (Also, it's being photobombed by my C10.)


It's in excellent condition, considering it has to be from the 80's. I wish my '86 C10 or my '97 Escort were in as nice of shape.


It's even a manual transmission, and the interior is in very serviceable condition.

I don't know any details behind why it's there. It may have been towed in, as opposed to a car that's going to be salvaged. All I have are a few pictures.

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