The below gif is a visual representation of me getting into a new hobby. After Reading/commenting on Noodles post on LALD, I decided to take a deeper look into customizing hot wheels. I was aware that people do it but I never looked into the how...annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd all of my new tools, paints, clips etc. arrive this week, haha.

I stick with most hobbies long term or at least come back to them. However I have recently given up on one that requires the same sort of “footprint” as modeling. I bought all of the stuff to reload my own ammunition, did it a few times, then decided I don’t shoot nearly enough to warrant reloading.


I just recently dissembled my reloading bench and gave away anything that should not be stored (powder, primers, cleaning solutions). All I have to do now is box up the rest and put it in storage. Then I’m ready to ring in a new hobby!

Get ready for more photos of OCD levels of organization.

If anyone has any suggestions as to tools/resources, I’m all ears. I found the site below that covers a lot.

This dudes site that has all kinds of info on modding hot wheels

I have ordered the following tools:

Jeweler’s Hacksaw
Paint clips
Small bench vise
Soldering stand (clips and an LED magnifying glass)
Rattle cans of BMW Phoenix Yellow and BMW Jade Green

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