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Down the "what if?" rabbit hole!

Last weekend I ran what was likely the last SCCV Ice Time Trial of the year. I did the math on some what ifs and this event is going to bug me until I finally manage to get a class win in Auto-X or ITT.


These are the results for my class. I have been chasing car 169 for the class win all year and the event before this I had pulled myself up to .5s off the win. This event was special in that we were running a “Gymkhana” special where the course featured 1 stop box on the course you had to do 360 degrees of rotation through, stopping in the box, and a finish stop box you had to stop in backwards. Scoring was an average of your 3 fastest runs (I’m going to come back to this scoring method later). A blue time means there was a 20s penalty for failing to complete a stop box or going off course and a purple time means you got a 10s cone penalty.

My first run of the day I was about 1ft short of being far enough into the finish stop box, throwing away a 111.56s run. Had I not screwed that up the results would have been as follows:

1) #169 - 111.88

2) #70 - 112.97

3) #93 - 113.24

That hurts but remember how I mentioned that scoring was the average of your 3 fastest runs? Yea, that was a special scoring method for this event with the anticipation that a lot of runs were going to be ruined by the stop boxes. Normal ITT scoring is the average of all your runs after dropping the slowest. Want to guess what would have happened if I didn’t mess up the stop box and we used the normal scoring method?

1) #70 - 115.96

2) #169 - 116.20

3) #93 - 118.30

Damn it.

At the start of the year I set myself the goals to get an ITT class win and an Auto-X class win. Due to the warming weather its likely that this was my last chance to claim an ITT win. Even though I have come up short I still had tons of fun and learned a lot about the dynamics of my car. Hopefully that helps when Auto-X season kicks off in 2 months.


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