Get a strike at work for missing 1-3 days but it’s also a mandatory use of your PTO so I guess having a cold is my vacation for the next 6 months with a bonus finger wag from the boss.

Mounted the ecu in the passenger airbag location, its bolted in with a plastic sheet as a tray and using the stock airbag mounts

Tbh I’m not a huge fan of the union since they’ve cost more then the state taxes for benefits I dont use and a raise that couldn’t meet inflation. Also the union rep said to my face the only thing he cares about is if anybody is getting fired or hours are cut, and implying that I should just try less(in the context of telling him how our work load is increasing with less hours to do said work) I understand that’s his job but it breeds lethargy within employees, people know that as long as they show up to work, put in 40% effort, and occasionally breath they cant get fired. My workload is increasing to fill gaps left by people getting paid significantly more, not because of merit but because they’ve been halfassing things for 20 years with a pay scale based solely on hours accrued.

With the airbag cover back in place everything looks stock, before this the ecu was flopping around on the floor looking very stealable.

Going to look for a job with better hours and a living wage after this semester, maybe even go back to being a mechanic. Kinda in a corner with classes since they start directly after work at 11:30am and 1:30pm with work being 3-11am, 4-12:00, and 4-12:30 depending on the day.

The ecu is sensitive to heat so everything’s covered in insulation. All that’s missing is a little velcro to keep the cover secured.

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