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Downer but only kinda

I did my carbon footprinty thing that Elizabeth did on the FP. I did way better than I would have though for a fleet average mpg in the low teens.

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I think their math is a little off, as it doesn’t ask if the people in your household are driving or their age, also it assumes some wacky numbers for spending. Like a furniture budget of 1000 a month? Who is buying 12 grand worth of furniture every year? They also expect me to be buying a LOT of stuff that isn’t car parts...which I find odd.

Still, a little shocked I snuck in under the average for travel when I put 40,000 miles a year on these.

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77 tons annually isn’t all...but I was expecting SO much worse.

can I also say that I have zero regrets about installing that new furnace and AC. it’s a 98% furnace with variable speeds and a heat pump/ac. I get harangued by Solar install companies ALL. THE. TIME. and when they ask me how much Im spending on electricity each month they always say “oh, well solar probably isn’t going to make sense financially for you.” Yeah. Also my heating bill is 25% lower than anyone I know in my family. Its been worth the extra money.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to improve. I am looking at egolfs as a commuter (mostly to keep miles off the cruiser) and I would like to slowly build up my solar capacity (my way, not leased way) but it turns out I’m not a total monster like I thought.

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