Howdy. Wanted to share some things I wasn’t aware of. There’s a couple real downsides to having multiple GPUs in a PC.

First, IT’S HOT IN HERE! This one I figured, but I didn’t really think it out. Temps in the system went way up, so now my fans are on all the time making noise. The thing I really didn’t think about is that my upstairs where the computer is, is really hot now. As in I’m running the AC up there in April. When the outside is 35F and snowing. My kid woke up on Thursday night (his bedroom is up there) and turned it on, and it’s stayed on, apparently he turned the temp way down last night.

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Second, some things just don’t work right. I knew I’d have to sacrifice my extra USB PCI card, there just isn’t enough physical room in there with the other cards. What I didn’t anticipate was that the sheer size of the 2070 Super (takes up 3 slot spaces) would mean that if I didn’t have it in the lowest slot and the 1080 in the top there would be no air gap between them. That’s how I initially set it up, and temps were crazy on the 2070. Moved them and now everything is happy temp wise in there. However, my system doesn’t intialize the card in the lower slot until it’s at Windows, so I can no longer get in the BIOS unless I move a monitor to the 1080. Also, I have a Samsung Odyssey + VR headset. It just does not work anymore, and researching it, that’s common when there are more than one GPUs in a system. That kinda sucks, Asetto Corsa VR is amazing, and I especially enjoy my RC flight sim in VR.

Third, I feel kinda guilty. My kid is the one who games the most, and he’s over there with an (albeit nice) RX580 while I have a GTX1080 sitting here causing issues. So I’m gonna be a nice dad and upgrade my son’s computer with the GTX1080, the 850W Corsair PSU I took out of mine, and a 2TB HDD I have sitting around. Guess I’ll put the RX580 on eBay or something.


It was fun having 24hr at the top of Team Oppo leaderboard. That’s enough for me. I’d imagine I’m going to drop down to 4th or 5th pretty rapidly without that GPU working for me.

My kid is going to freak out.

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