So now that the race car and trailer are gone, I didn’t need to be daily driving a Chevy Tahoe. Yes, it was nice on long trips up north with the dog and kids, but averaging 16mpg every day was getting old (even with today’s fuel prices).

I had been thinking a wagon of the German variety would be a good replacement, briefly toying with the idea of an E39 540iT (wait, no... V8...also leaky and valve guide issues), an F30 328iX Touring (so fast), and another E46 Touring that I would stuff the M3 driveline that is sitting in my garage into (fun, but another project I don’t have time for and I would have to daily my M5 in the meantime).

While the F30 (or maybe an E91, but the front end on those doesn’t thrill me) BMW remained an option, I found the A4 Avant to be my main focus, but I was torn between an older one (late-B6 or early B7) and a newer one. “Really new” wasn’t an option, partially due to cost, but mostly because 2012 was the last year of the Avant in the US (2013-up all A4 wagons are Allroads).

Every day for the last few weeks I’ve been scouring Craigslist to find one. Can’t be black or white, and must have a dark interior (tan does not hold up well to small children). That limited my options severely. This weekend I started checking with local Audi dealerships, but they all had the same story: rare cars that get snapped up as soon as they come in, but they’ll keep an eye our for me.


CarMax? Only one in SoCal and it had a tan interior. Oh wait, haven’t checked Autotrader.

2012 A4 Avant S-line. Dark grey. Black interior. Miles were a bit high (90K), but the price was good (even with the miles). It was at a Ford dealer so I assumed they just want it off the lot and make a few bucks off it. Showed my wife the car last night and we headed over to the dealer to take a look.


Nice car. Very well maintained at the local Audi dealer. Relatively quick. Bigger boot than my wife’s E46 Touring. Good price (minus a bit more when I haggled and told them I just had the Tahoe detailed two hours ago). Done deal.

Time to figure out how to get my phone connected...