DP, P2 specs frozen, possible global unification in 2017

The LMP2 and Daytona Prototype specifications have been frozen through the 2016 season. Previously it was announced that the Tudor United SportsCar Championship (USCC) would look to merge the classes for the 2016 season. This news also implies the ACO will be involved and may adopt the same specifications worldwide.

If the ACO and IMSA do arrive at a unified specification, that would put a solid end to the divergent philosophies of US prototype sports cars, and make all US prototype teams elligible for Le Mans once more. It would also mean a cooperation not always seen between the ACO and IMSA, as in the past IMSA has tweaked ACO regulations and the cars allowed at Le Mans under the US rules. One example being ACO Group C cars and IMSA GTP where nearly the only difference was Group C having a fuel limit and GTP not.


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