So, I recently moved to Panama City, Panama, and already made new friends, in this case with a couple of guys who have been covering Panama car related stuff, seeing I used to do car videos and nowadays I’m mostly doing car illustrations/animations I decided to jump in with them and dust off my Trusty D5200 with its functional 18-55 and do a compilation of what I thought were the highlights of this event.


I think I pretty much rock the shit out of this thing, I have no stabilizer device whatsoever, not even a battery grip (mostly because I can’t afford none of this stuff). There was a 14 and 15 second category but had to charge my battery :(

Also, here in Panama Honda seems to be the default go to drag car - the EG here is what the Foxbody is in the States.


Hope you guys check it! lots of engine noises and burnouts, also some JDM stuff such as Skylines and ITR’s.

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