Lesson of the day yesterday was that I should not push the car past the limits of the tires - I can go fast all I want, but I still have to turn, unlike the folks on the other side of the grandstand participating in the drag racing experience.

Interesting that they had a 2 seat rail car, most were single seats

It was pretty cool out (less than 70 degrees F) when the first cars got going at the autocross event, and I was in that first run group. Therefore, I knew that the course was cold and my tires were cold, so I didn’t push too hard on my first run. That turned out to be my only run without hitting cones.

The rest of the time I must have been clipping cones here or there, not sure exactly, except for the time I pushed too hard and then couldn’t slow enough for a turn, hitting a cone wall.

I was pretty frustrated after my session, feeling like I’m just not improving. I considered stopping going to autocross.


If I stopped going I might miss sweet resto-mod sightings like this Mustang.

Having had a day to put it in perspective, I am aware that this is only my 8th event (not counting novice school), so this may be too little time to see the improvements needed to move closer to the top of the competition when I’m already doing fairly well. And it may not happen, but as long as I’m feeling good about what I’ve run, that’s okay.


But everyone has a bad day occasionally, and yesterday was mine. I didn’t feel good about any of my runs, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I was pushing past the grip of my tires too often, and just a bit too close to cones in the slaloms in general. This course had a lot of slalom.

Also, reviewing the video didn’t seem to help much, although I think it may on a day when I have my act together. It did result in something that I can share (for better or worse) even though there are things I’m still learning about using Track Addict as an app: