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Dragon Dorifto

Looks like the PNW drift season starts up soon (March 2nd), and one of my favorite cars is ready after a few months of repairs. You might remember Matt Panic's '73 Celica from it's feature on Speedhunters. It started life as a Celica ST with the 18R motor between the fenders. The first "generation" of the Celica basically swapped the 4AGE heart of an AE86 Corolla and all it's skeletal components (rear axle, front steering rack, coilovers, etc). 

And it was good.

But Matt wanted more, so in order to "decimate all", he "overnighted parts from Japan".


3SGE BEAMS motor with an Aisin AZ6 6-speed, Matt stated that it was running about 210hp/160lb.ft of torque.


But all that fun breaks stuff, and one of the things he had to fix was the left lower control arm. Apparently, they don't like too much sideways action, so he boxed it for strength. He also bent a spindle.


So if you're in the Portland, OR area on March 2nd, head out to Pat's Acres and check out Matt Panic and this sweet, sweet Dorifto Dragon.


Build threads on Matt's Celica can be found on Classic-Celica.com & 1stgencelica.com

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