So, I caught the first episode of Dragon Ball Super the other day. It was a kinda poorly translated English sub, but the translation was good enough to get the point across.

I thought it was a pretty good start to the series, in all honesty.

There was the typical Toriyama humor in the show. Seeing Goku drive a tractor was pretty amusing. The Beerus scene was pretty cool. Piccolo stalking Gohan was definitely a highlight, as was Majin Buu complaining to Mr. Satan during Satan’s recognition conference.

Very lighthearted overall. Not much happened in the grand scheme of things. Next week’s episode is Vegeta and family going on vacation, so that episode ought to be a real trip.

I hope this episode brings the same sense of excitement and wonder that watching the originals did. Definitely looks promising though.


Here’s the opening and ending pieces for your enjoyment.