Illustration for article titled Draining your coolant

A tutorial in 15 simple steps.

1. Locate your radiator drainage petcock.

2. Ready your drain pan

3. Ready your funnel, since the petcock drains right onto a subrame crossmember

4. Attempt to open petcock with years of caked corrosion with your bare hands. I mean, you might as well try


5. Retrieve PB and pliers

6. Enjoy your sandwich as well as you can. It’s not easy eating with pliers

7. Now get your PB blaster or preferred penetrating lube


Illustration for article titled Draining your coolant

9. Open with pliers

10. Observe coolant spraying out multiple places from the petcock handle and spout


11. Let out a distressed shriek

12. Scramble to position your pan to collect random dripping

13. Have your wife pull into the driveway right in the middle of this struggle and request help getting the child out so she can make an appointment


14. Close petcock

15. Go inside and wash up

In other news, I worked on the Bronco for like 15 whole minutes today.

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