So, I walked out of World market with my mom today, and as we're walking, we are discussing the car i'll be buying as my first in the next 3-4 months. I've been dead-set on the Fiesta ST, but my mom has been less than enthusiastic. Suddenly, she stops and says "ooh, what's that?" I turn around, and standing right next to her is a brand new Nissan Juke Nismo with a manual transmission. I proceed to tell her it's Nissan's only interesting car, to which she responds "A friend of mine is a Nissan salesperson, and she said she could get me a deal on any Nissan!"

So basically, my mom digs the Juke Nismo so much, that she is going to attempt to get me one as my first car. I am stupefied! I actually really like the Juke's looks, and I know what's hiding under the hood. This is a good development! hopefully, i'll have a Juke Nismo to speak about in 3-4 months!