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Drawers? No, I Can't Afford Drawers

I’ve been in pursuit of enhancing my Land Cruiser’s storage capability, and ideally I would have liked drawers. But a pair of drawers is like $1300, so nah bro, I can’t afford that. But can I afford $200? Sure, I can afford $200.

This is a pair of 25 gallon Husky job boxes fitting with Tetris-like precision in the cargo area of my FZJ80. Outside of the truck, they look like this:


They are, in fact, pretty sweet. Made in USA too, which I always like, and go for $60 a pop. My plan is to build a shelf around them, basically raising the floor of my cargo area by a foot or so and storing these bad Larrys underneath. They have an advantage over drawers in that I can totally remove them from the vehicle, but a disadvantage in that I have to pull them all the way out onto the tailgate to open them. Once they’re out, they’ve got wheels and an extendable handle, making them an excellent mobile toolbox platform.

I’m going to take the truck over to my dad’s in a little bit and we’re going to sketch it out. He’s an engineer by trade, so he’s pretty good at this sort of thing. I like the direction it’s heading though, certainly a promising start to the project that they fit perfectly.

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