Drawing Board (Drawing Finished)

So with pretty much all sorted on the Rally Van, I’m down to deciding on a color.

I really enjoyed the 2 tone like it was:


Only my plan was to do Ford Shadow Grey and Jet Black. Which is actually what color it was originally before clear coat, got a little heavy on the blue pearl in the clear and turned everything blue....

Then my mind started creepin on Satin Black:

I kinda want the 2 tone for the class and shine for doing shows, then again I enjoy the Satin because it’s simple/easy/easy to touch up for black.

Also open to other suggestions, my interior is blue, so I want something that will go with that (otherwise it’d be going Plum Crazy/white 2 tone).


I also want something easy to match in case it needs repair in the future, which is why I was leaning on Shadow Grey/Black.

After a suggestion of doing wood grain like some of these had, I’ve decided to paint it Shadow Grey as planned, then use this (or something like it at least):


To make my 2 tone. I would then separate the Shadow Grey from the wood grain using some small brushed aluminum trim pieces. Basically make a more refined/modern take on the old woody vans.


Thanks to OPPOsaurus for the wood grain suggestion! Now I’m off to find some black wood grain vinyl, or see if my buddy can pull off airbrushing wood grain!

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