My old Saab 9000 showed (I owned it about 9 years ago) up for sale on FB marketplace so I asked about it. I have a problem where i sell my running project cars (RX7 FC right now) and buy basket-cases for nostalgic reasons, then usuallydo it allover again. The car is being mowed around, immobile in a yard. asking price was about what a running 900 goes for($1080).

Tell the guy I’m interested, will pay $1000, when can we meet ,etc ...and now i’m being ghosted.

I’m kinda getting over it. That car coast me ton to upkeep. Its not like people (oppo excluded) are chomping at the bit to overpay for broken-down yard-art Saabs when they are so cheaply bought in actual working con.


Guy asked me “how could you let a car like that go”.

News flash for that kid, when I sold it it it was about perfect and well updated. He is the guy letting it rot in a yard for two years.

So in about 72 hours i’m going to draw the line and let it be, wont reach out again,I will just start looking for RX7 suspension parts and putting my speeduino together.

Fare thee well,i do hope we meet again my dear old executive missile.

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