Dream Build: Cannonball Car

What’s your ideal Cannonball Run car? It has to last the 3000 mile journey from NY to LA and be somewhat decent on gas so you can average around 100 mph. Other than that, your only restriction is your imagination!

Mine’s a Caprice PPV. This one is has 156k hard miles of policing on its 6.0 V8, which makes it a ripe candidate for an LT1/8L90E swap, which would greatly improve the fuel economy (15/21 factory for the L98/6-speed) thanks to the 8-speed and direct injection. Put two or three of these 20-gallon fuel cells in the trunk, then put all the GPS antennae in the holes already in the trunk. Strip what you can out of the interior as the Caprice is a fairly heavy car to begin with, slap in some laser diffusers and radar jammers; maybe impersonate a government agency that doesn’t actually exist if you’re feeling brave, research state penal codes, and get to planning that trip!



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