A $135,000 Range Rover? Sounds like crazy talk, I know, especially when it's called the "Autobiography". What, is it gonna record everything I do in it? Or can I dictate my memoirs to it? That could be interesting, or extremely damning...

Just like a new Jag, the gear selector raises out of the console like some kind of long dormant alien space craft, emerging from the depths to phone home or something. I drove it all of ten feet, so I can't really comment on the drive. But just in the short amount of time I sat in it and pushed as many buttons I could find, I was quite impressed; there were a LOT of buttons.

I was really dazzled by the back seat setup, it's much more like the back of a Maybach or even a private plane than a high end SUV. Screens galore, everything is smooth and soft to the touch, it all fits together so nicely. The Meridian sound system absolutely BANGS, pretty sure I upset the landlords with some early morning Notorious B.I.G.; I couldn't help it.


I've driven a bunch of different flavors and vintages of Range Rover in the past, and most of what I saw and felt in the Autobiography was familiar in that stately British way that only Astons, Jags, and Ranges can pull off. All I was missing was my monocle.

I'm really digging this new trend among manufacturers of actually shedding weight instead of adding it in new models. Porsche did it with the new 911, and now Range Rover as well. Sure it's a little bigger but adding weight just makes a car or SUV feel much bigger than it is, whereas the weight savings in this case allow an impressive 4.6 second sprint to 60; that's quicker than a 335 BMW!!



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