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If there was this dream car and through some miracle of some sort (Torch maybe involved, and as you know, there is always a catch if genie Jason grants you a wish) you would be able to possess this car, and yes, drive it, show it, be seen it, in perfect driving shape forever and everything else you ever dreamed of suddenly appeared and you could afford it. But nothing else in your life would change except you never would be able to make a profit from selling this car (however, it lent’s itself to you if you will).

Everything else though stays the same: Some job, some hous/condo/appartemnt, same wife, same friends, same budget, same places to go out, same places for vacation, same parents-in-law (car somehow keeps itself maintained to in good to perfect condition though, depending on season and different other factor syou can’t influence other then TLC), nothing else will change (in your automotive life).


It maybe even would be a pain in the end of your rear to drive it daily but you have to. Yes, daily driving is mandatory.

Would you still want to have it?

Even if the neighbours whisper: “Look at him, drives this X car but cannot afford a decent baby meal” or “Dunno how to keep a lawn the right height” or this looks when the other begrudge you because of this car (nothing else in their life is different or even better at most, but because of that car the most others feel inferior).


The more educated ones of you (which or the big majority I suppose) guess (rightly) I’m not talking too much about cars. More like a not so adorable SO (you) of adorable celebrities (the car). (You’re one who should never be in the frame, if you will)

Still, what would be the car/celebritiy you would like to have in your life (with every +/-) no matter what (if ever)?


Pictures please, just link to Jalopnik or whatever, there should be almost every dream (car) to be found.

To be honest and to keep you honest: I already lost more than a fair share of dream (cars). At least two. Money, looks, feels, I had it all, I lost it all.


And again: Pictures are very appreciated. btw. WhatsApp and other text messengers are way overrated.

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