Dream on. It's phrase I've heard a great many times, from the time I asked out that cute blonde girl in my middle school history class to the time I wanted to take a week off and fly to Iceland just for shits and giggles. More often than not, however, it's something that I tell myself when I'm thinking about all the different cars I'd like to own and why. And sometimes when I'm in the elevator talking to that cute redhead in the office below mine at work. In any case, the simple truth is, there are few things more fun than some solid dreaming, whether you've passed out as a result of excessive inebriation or you're just daydreaming at work. 

And that very thought was the genesis of the Dream Drive posts that I used to do, where I present a vehicle, and you tell me the perfect place to drive it in your dreams. 

So let us sit around the fire and... dream on.

Today's car: A customized 1966 Dodge D-Series truck known as "Cherry Bomb"

Where would it take you on your dream drive?