Dream Garage?

Okay, it is time for lunch finally so I feel like posing this question to you Oppos about your dream garage. Here are the rules:

  • Pick four cars.
  • They must vary as wildly as possible to serve different purposes or what have you. (most variety wins!)
  • You are stuck with only these cars for life. You can modify them to your heart’s content though(within your own mechanical ability).
  • No budget limitation but you are going to have to maintain them yourself.

My choices will include:

E39 M5 for the purpose of road tripping and probably some daily driving, preferably in blue.
Porsche Cayman GT4 for the purpose of a track car, preferably in yellow.
FD Rx7 for the purpose of canyon carving/fun street driving and bringing to car meets, preferably in red
Unsure what vintage but a 4WD Taco for the purpose of being a tow vehicle for my race car, an offroad/camping vehicle, and something to take skiing as well. I would probably want a newer one in crew cab guise and have some sort of modified bed cabin thing, could care less what color as I will be abusing it lol.

This is my list that I just came up with without too much thought into the implications of it. I would probably modify the Porsche and Taco extensively but keep things to a minimum with the m5 and rx7. There are probably more options to vary things up but this takes care of most things I could ever want to do. 

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