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Dream Garage: 1st Page is CL ed.

So here’s the challenge you get a 3 Car Garage. No budget, but the only rule is you can only have what’s posted on the first page of your most local CL, or Kijijikiji, or whatever your nations equivalent. For me that means Nothern Wi CL. I was hoping to use Duluth but per my own made up rules that’s cheating. Which is a bummer because there was a lifted, yellow, manual Baja.

For Daily Duty this nice BROWN X5 35i. I was going to go win a 328d xdrive Touring, but that extra space would be nice, and if it’s Auto it won’t be fun anyway, so it might as well be more luxurious.


I couldn’t find one single sports car, aside from a last gen Eclpice V6 but r was Auto. But this 69 Camaro would do quite nicely for a fun car. It’s claimed to be a legit SS with a 4 speed manual gearbox!

I still need a car that can play in the mud, so I’ll go with this nice already outfitted TJ. My otheroption was a K5 but the x5 gives me one big SUV I don’t want two.

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