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Dream Garage: 1st Page of CL ed.

I’ve done this one before, but that was 7 months ago!

So here’s the challenge you get a 4Car Garage. No budget, but the only rule is you can only have what’s posted on the first page of your most local CL, or Kijijikiji, or whatever your nations equivalent. For me that means Nothern Wi CL. I was hoping to use Duluth but per my own made up rules that’s cheating

First of MUH TRUCK. this great looking Dodge crew cab.I’m going to need a truck some day, and this one looks awesome.


For Daily duty I’d go with this Linclon MKVII. Always liked the way these look,

Last the only interesting manual car I could find. a 350Z vert which has skick on chrome bits, and ugly rims, because of coarse it does. Also a salvage title...


and my last car is this big Dodge. My Dad grew up in one of these. he drove it as a teenager. He love to tell a story about the time the brakes went out so to stop it he just put it into reverse. Its also in my home town. 

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