That electric plug does not look anything like an actual charging plug that I’ve ever seen...

I thought I’d try something a little different here.

The rules are simple. I’m looking for:

  • Three motor vehicles
  • Designed to run on an energy source that is over 50% of something that isn’t gasoline or diesel, from the factory
  • Each using a different energy source

Note that some fossil fuels are OK - natural gas and coal are quite fine, for example. For other liquid fuels, E85 or E100 flex-fuel vehicles are OK, but something that takes B20 biodiesel is not. (And unless you’ve got an Elsbett engine, nothing’s designed to take WVO.) And, of course, hydrogen and electric vehicles are OK for this.


Oh, and if you pick a plug-in hybrid, I’ll allow it, but it counts as a plug-in electric car, so no picking another battery electric vehicle.

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