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Dream Garage: Car of the month, version 2

Re-doing the “Car of the month” dream garage game I posted on Monday, but freeing things up a little. Instead of one car, you get to choose two cars every month.

Here are the modified rules: You are offered the opportunity to have any two cars you want, free of charge and expenses covered, every month for one full year. On the first of the month your new cars arrive and your previous cars are removed. These are the only cars you’re allowed to use for the course of the month. They do not both need to be street legal, but you must have at least one street legal car in your garage at all times. Any cars you currently own will be stored away in a warehouse and returned to you at the end of the year. As you now have two cars instead of one you are no longer allowed to rent a vehicle for any special situations, aside from something like renting a U-Haul if you’re moving You can’t keep a car for more than a month, and you can’t use a car you’ve already used later in the year.


Second, as you must give the cars back in the condition you received them, no modifications beyond minor things like tires are allowed. This isn’t to say you can’t choose a modified or custom car as one of your 24, but for the sake of this game to choose a non-stock/non-factory option you must be able to show proof that one already exists. So no rocket-powered Citroen 2CV’s unless you can find a photo/video of one.

Them’s the new rules. Re-fill your calendar.

Side note: in doing this search I discovered it’s almost impossible to find the following two things: Car calendars that include two cars in a single photo, and car calendars that don’t include underdressed women with the cars. Finding “car calendars” that don’t include cars with the underdressed women on the other hand...

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