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Dream Garage: Competing Powertrain Swap Edition

This one may be hard to explain but let’s give it a try anyways. What you need to do is pick a dream vehicle! Then you need to pick one of that vehicle’s “direct” competitor’s engine, transmission, and driven wheels to swap into it. So maybe you decide to have a 911 GT3 RS with the Vantage GT8’s all natural 4.7L V8 making 440 hp and 361 lb-ft sitting in the rear but with a 6-speed manual. Or maybe you want the Vantage GT8 with a 500 hp and 338 lb-ft of torque producing atmospheric 4.0L H6 with a PDK 7-speed?

Either way you can only have one of your swapped cars, not both! So keep the vehicles new, fairly direct competitors, and as always...enjoy yo’selves!

*Swap as many vehicles as you like for your garage, as long as they are from different segments.

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