Dream Garage: Different Each Day Edition

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Pick one vehicle for every day of the week! Too easy? Here’s your catch, you can only drive it on that specified day of the week because the vehicles are delivered to you on that day and exchanged with the previous day’s vehicle. The only exception is if you are away on a trip with a vehicle then whatever vehicle you have the day you leave is what you are stuck with until you arrive back at home for the exchange to take place.

Bonus Challenges:

Level 1) Do not use the same brand twice.

Level 2) In addition to “Level 1,” brands must be from different countries.

Level 3) In addition to “Level 2,” do not duplicate body styles.

LEVEL 4) In addition to “Level 3,” do not duplicate engine types.

Let’s see how you make this 7 vehicle line up work. As always, enjoy yo’selves!


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