This is a four car garage, with some tricky half baked rules. Your first car must have between 100-199 HP and cost (all must be new cars!) between $1- 29,999.

2nd car: 200-299 HP and cost between $30,000- $39,999

3rd car: 300- 399 HP and cost between $40,000- $59,999

4th car: 400- 600 HP and cost between $60,000- $80,000

Finally- Note: A single car can only fulfill one of these requirements. I warned you it was arbitrary!  


One must be able to carry at least four people (not just have four seats, the back must be usable.)

Another will be track/autoX only, even if the car is street legal (don’t worry about transporting it to the track.)

One must get 30mph combined

The last one has no restrictions.

To show you this is doable even without knowing every car for sale. Here’s my picks.


Honda Civic (30mpg)


BMW 330i (Four Seater)


Ford Continental (Freebie) 


GT-350R (Track only)

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