Dream Garage: Loss Leader Edition

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Aww yeah, it’s that time again! Tonight you will have a three vehicle garage. All three vehicles must be new and for sale in YOUR market. Here’s the catch: All three vehicles must be the absolute base models. The plebe series, the rent-a-spec, the chumpers ya’ll! No $500 floor mats, no premium paint, no larger engines than the entry model, no A/C if it isn’t standard, nothing. That means whatever the lowest priced consumer model is, that’s what you’re getting.


*Bonus Challenge: At least two of the three vehicles must be under $50k.*

Here are mine: ecsreMde 4LC00S, dnIina uotSc iyxtS, buSaur tbaukOc

If you have questions, just post and we’ll figure out which models count as the base since there are many vehicles that obscure that line. As always, enjoy yo’selves!

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