This license equals a FOUR vehicle garage with a $37,000

I hope you have your license plate memorized. Let’s see how this goes!

Take the first number that appears between 1-9 on your license plate. This is the amount of vehicles you MUST have in your garage. *If no numbers or a zero are present then you get 1 vehicle).

Now take every letter in your plate and add them up by their order number (A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.). Finally add up all those numbers then multiply by $1000. That’s your budget. If no letters are present then your budget is $12,000.



So license plate “C63 AMG” would be a SIX vehicle garage made with a budget of $24,000. That’s “C+A+M+G” = (3+1+13+7) * $1,000.

I think I made this to be pretty fair so test your luck (or just find out which of your cars has the most advantageous license plate) and as always, enjoy yo’selves!