Title explains it all. Give me no more than 5 vehicles. I guess for a challenge make them all different bodystyles. Just show me things that went into production that make you giddy and say “gimme!” Here are mine:

The entire reason for me posting this. I need a BMW M6 Gran Coupe with the gitdim 6-speed manual!!! It’s an option in the US (maybe Canada too) but it’s sooo hard to even find because everyone lists dual clutches as manauls!! I just...need.


Land Rover Defender. Gotta be the double cab pickup, I’m a family man. We better get the next Defender in the US, I’m sick of Wranglers and G-Units.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive in the high visibility blue chrome. Because I’m all about safety and economy. Mmm, 751 hp (I think peak torque is also in the 700s), AWD, and 155 miles of range. It was like $600k to start!!


Look at all these things I can’t have!! How about you?